The Instance is the class that handles most of the operation of your application, as it is responsible for setting up core settings and UI events.

The instance persists through the whole runtime of the application and is used to instantiate UI components and global data.

Symbols that belong to the instance

As said before, the Instance is a class. It contains the following member functions and variables:

Instance() noexcept;

// Events of the instance
virtual void begin() = 0;
virtual void tick(float deltaTime) = 0;
virtual void end() = 0;
virtual ~Instance() noexcept;

virtual void onEventConfigureStyle(ImGuiStyle& style, ImGuiIO& io) = 0;

// Returns the global from the InitInfo struct
static void* getGlobal() noexcept;

// Returns a component given a type and ID
template<ComponentType cmpType>
static auto* getComponentByIDs(const FString& name, uint64_t id);

// Casts the instance to a type for example from Parent to Child type
template<typename T>
static T* cast();

// The InitInfo struct
InitInfo initInfo;

// Autohandlers for events
void beginAutohandle() noexcept;
void tickAutohandle(float deltaTime) noexcept;
void endAutohandle() noexcept;

// Closes the application
static void shutdown() noexcept;

// CLI arguments
std::vector<FString> arguments;
int argc;
char** argv;

Additionally, the InitInfo struct looks like this:

std::vector<InlineComponent*> inlineComponents; // list of inline components
std::vector<TitlebarComponent*> titlebarComponents; // list of titlebar components
std::vector<WindowComponent*> windowComponents; // list of window components

// Provide a global data struct to be shared with all components
void* globalData = nullptr;

Finally, the ComponentType enum looks like this:


The InitInfo struct and ComponentType enum are closely tied with the Instance. Comments for all of those classes are provided in the code.

For more information on the InitInfo, go here, for more information on component types, go here.

Event safety

The entire module is flagged as event safe at Any time, except for the following members of the Instance:

  1. getComponentByIDs() - Post-startup
  2. onEventConfigureStyle - GUI