In this page, we will detail the cross-platform exec module provided by our own UntitledExec library.

Enabling in the build system

To enable it, simply change the source code of the CMakeLists.txt file to this:

option(ENABLE_UEXEC "Compile in the UntitledExec library for a cross-platform method of launching applications" ON)

Otherwise, simply add the following argument through the cmake CLI: -DENABLE_UEXEC=ON and don’t forget to also enable the OS module!

Finally, update your uvproj.yaml so that the uexec key under enabled-modules is set to true like this:

name: "MyProject"
version: ""
engine-version: ""
  os: true
  uexec: true

Event safety

The entire module is flagged as event safe at Any time.

Using the library

The library has already been documented on its own GitHub repo’s wiki here, simply skip the initial installation instructions since they’re not relevant.

Checking for the module

To check for the module at compile time, use the UIMGUI_UEXEC_SUBMODULE_ENABLED macro.

At runtime, use the uexec public boolean constant member of ModulesManager.