To update the engine, you first need to run the script. It will:

  1. Pull changes from git for the engine and its dependencies
  2. Update the git submodules for the engine and its dependencies
  3. Remove and pull the dependencies for shaderc in the UVKShaderCompiler
  4. Build the UVKShaderCompiler and UVKBuildTool

Additional instructions for Windows users

Due to the way that Windows works, symbolic links don't work at the moment, so you need to copy the Engine/, UVKShaderCompiler/ and UVKBuildTool folders into your project's directory. Additionally, you might need to update the Content/ and Config/ folders for your project.

Project specific instructions

To update your projects you need to navigate into the UVKBuildTool to regenerate your files since there can be changes to the CMakeLists.txt and others.

After that, build your project. If there are build errors due to undefined functions in your gameplay classes, you can always open the header definition of the class you're deriving from and include the virtual functions that are missing.