Engine Folders

What we define as engine folders are the folders that you get in your core engine directory. These folders are the following

  1. .github
  2. Config
  3. Content
  4. Engine
  5. Projects
  6. UVKBuildTool
  7. UVKShaderCompiler


The .github folder contains a bunch of metadata, including the CI workflows for this git repository


The Config folder contains the templates for the Config folder in each project


The Content folder contains the templates for the Content folder in each project


The Engine folders contains the full engine source code


The Projects folder contains all the projects you have with the engine

UVKBuildTool and UVKShaderCompiler

The UVKBuildTool and UVKShaderCompiler folders contain the source code for their respective libraries and CLI tools

Project folders

These are the folders in any project.

  1. Config
  2. Content
  3. Engine
  4. Exported
  5. Generated
  6. Source
  7. WrapperSource
  8. UVKBuildTool
  9. UVKShaderCompiler


The Config folder initially gets created as a copy of the template. It contains various config files your project can use!

The folder contains 3 subdirectories, Engine, Settings and Translations, under Settings you can find different personalization settings like

  1. Editor.yaml
  2. Renderer.yaml
  3. Window.yaml
  4. <insert theme>.uvktheme the Engine folder contains settings for your project and engine like:
  5. DefaultLayout.ini
  6. EditorKeybinds.yaml
  7. FallbackLayout.ini
  8. GameKeybinds.yaml The Translations folder contains all configs related to translations and localization


The Content folder, like the Config folder, is created using the templates in the engine directory. By default, it only contains one directory called Engine, it contains all resources the engine needs for the renderer, editor, etc. It is meant to store any non-code content you have for your project, and because of that it is the directory the file manager in the editor has opened.


As mentioned in the previous statement, the Engine folder contains all the source code for the game engine. Under a project it isn't copied but rather created as a symbolic link so that multiple projects can share the same code and not have problems with updating the engine down the line.


The Exported folder contains the packaged game once it is built for production


The Generated folder contains all generated source files as well as the shader cache. Shader cache files are all files with the filename being an MD5 hash and extension being .spv


The Source folder contains all the C++ files used by the user


It contains the source files for the wrapper

UVKBuildTool and UVKShaderCompiler

Just as mentioned before, they contain the code for their respective libraries and CLI tools. In every project they are symlinked just like the Engine folder.