Welcome to the July 2023 edition of the monthly newsletter.


The framework can be deployed

Due to a couple of commits in June, the framework can finally be cleanly deployed and packaged by most packaging systems. Current applications, except the UntitledGameSystemManager, can be deployed to all major packaging formats as is. The game manager requires some additional work on the package side, due to it using a golang library.

All features can be found in the previous month's newsletter.


Since the framework can finally be deployed, we are doing final code reviews for releasing It should release by the 2nd of July.

After that we have the following tasks:

  1. Create a custom i18n library
  2. Finish the UntitledTemplatingEngine
  3. Rewrite the UVKBuildTool to use the templating engine


The completion of the following features also made the release of possible:

  1. UntitledXDGBasedir 1.0 and 2.0
  2. UntitledImGuiTextUtils 1.0
  3. The ability to output textures


Since we released the 1.0 version UntitledDBusUtils, we also released release


The UntitledXDGBasedir library is going to be released this month. The library is intended to be an implementation of and superset of the XDG Basedir specification. While it does include all functions needed by such an implementation, it also includes features such as:

  1. Support for XDG User dirs
  2. Finding the user trash directory
  3. Creating non-existent directories

Release 1.0 and 2.0 were released on the 9th and 15th of July respectively.


This month we will also introduce the 1.0 release of the UntitledImGuiTextUtils library. It's a library for rendering rich text and markup in dear imgui. Expected 1.0 release is July 17th.

UntitledGameSystemManager 1.0

The 1.0 release of the UntitledGameSystemManager is finally live as of the 21st of July.

We also released the hotfix 1.1 version that fixes a major bug when deleting containers.

Desktop files and Mime types

All graphical applications now have desktop files, and when applicable, Mime types for the file formats that are supported.

This brings the following benefits:

  1. Our applications can now be listed in menus
  2. Application launchers can use keyword and fuzzy search
  3. Applications can now be set as the default for opening certain files


The first experimental release of the UntitledDesktopBootstrap project is live. Currently, no session is created by the xinitrc so no desktop can actually be launched but is a good starting point for developing further our DE's initial setup and startup capabilities.


The current tasks for the multilingual project are as follows:

Phrases in Youyin

A new feature will be added to Youyin that would allow the user to practice words at the end of the session. In simple terms, the user will first have to go through the entire deck of single character cards as currently, but when the cards end, he/she will be prompted with words that use the previous cards. This will make learning way more effective for Chinese languages as the user learns both the meaning of the character and how it fits into a word.

Working on finishing the UntitledTemplatingEngine

Work on finishing the UntitledTemplatingEngine is restarting this month. We hope to get it released by the end of August 2023.