Welcome to the June 2023 edition of the monthly newsletter


UntitledImGuiFramework Part 2

The framework is still not done for release 0.5. Currently, the following features need to be finished:

We estimate that would be released around the end of July. The most meaningful features, such as the reworked build and export system will be released by the end of June.


The current tasks for the multilingual project are as follows:

New MadLadSquad website

The current website is hard to navigate efficiently, which is why we decided to create a better redesign for it. This is what it looks like right now:


Additional scripts to Youyin

We're currently working on adding additional writing systems to Youyin, with the first ones being the following:

  1. BoPoMoFo/Zhuyin
  2. Latin
  3. Cyrillic

Progress on this front is currently slow, as it requires a lot of manual work to modify the SVGs in a proper way. Expect Zhuyin added to the database around the end of July.