Welcome to the May 2024 monthly newsletter.


UntitledImGuiFramework,, and

These releases include the following changes:

  1. Better production export
  2. Gentoo/Funtoo packages for the UntitledImGuiFramework and base libraries for it
  3. Shipping UntitledOpen 1.0
  4. Shipping UntitledDBusUtils 1.0
  5. New client-side bar
  6. Better config installation code on Unix-based platforms
  7. Updates to the C API
  8. Added additional comments to most libraries
  9. Removed irrelevant files
  10. Removed references to removed modules
  11. Added arithmetic operators to FVector types
  12. UntitledImGuiTheme now supports semantic colours
  13. Better error handling
  14. Better install experience on Windows
  15. Multiple optimisations to UntitledI18N

Starting work on version 1.0 of the UntitledImGuiFramework

In June, July and August we'll start work on the 1.0 release of the UntitledImGuiFramework. This release will include the following:

  1. Stable API and ABI
  2. Stable CMakeLists.txt generation
  3. Plugin support
  4. UntitledFontUtils 1.0
  5. UntitledDBusUtils 1.0
  6. Vulkan renderer

UntitledOpen 1.0

The UntitledOpen library can now open URIs on Linux using XDG Desktop Portals.

UntitledDBusUtils 0.5

Version 0.5 of the UntitledDBusUtils library finally provides a type- and mermory-safe interface for appending complex data structures to DBus messages.

Previously, one could only append basic datatypes, arrays of basic datatypes and dictionaries of basic datatypes through a type- and memory-safe interface. Now, one can push everything from a basic type, to a type like this: a(iiia{sv}) where the variant type can have a type signature like (iba{sv}i).

Starting work on UntitledDBusUtils 1.0

Of course, we want to fully finish UntitledDBusUtils, so we're starting work on a type- and memory-safe wrapper on top of the deserialisation interface, provided by the dbus-1 low level C interface.


Following the improvements in UntitledImGuiFramework, all MadLadSquad applications and libraries can be found as Funtoo & Gentoo packages under the UntitledDesktopOverlay. Funtoo users have access to YAML and python autogens for all the packages in the overlay.

Other package managers will get support soon.


Funtoo Linux multilingual project

Multiple issues relating to the multilingual tracker issue have been fixed. These include:

  1. Creation of IME backend profiles
  2. Fixing m17n-lib
  3. Moving ibus to i18n-kit

Youyin character editor

Work on the Youyin character editor continues. It includes the ability to zoom in and pan the character, reset view hotkeys and more.


The new version of UntitledI18N includes the following:

  1. Removed unnecessary code
  2. Replaced instances of std::unordered_map with parallel-hashmap, which should provide an up to 10X speedup in performance