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UntitledImGuiFramework, &

These releases feature the following changes:

  1. Updated version of UntitledOpen
  2. Moveable client-side bar
  3. Fixed many minor warnings
  4. Removed obsolete code
  5. Added full official macOS support
  6. Better error handling
  7. Started work on the Vulkan renderer
  8. Started work on adding official WASM support

UntitledDesktopIcons 0.3

Nick started work on the first beta release of the UntitledDesktopIcons library.

It can do the following:

  1. Fetches application icons from the OS and from icon themes
  2. Fetches mime type icons from the OS
  3. Fetches OS-specific icons
  4. Works on Windows, macOS and Freedesktop environments

Version 0.3 will bring experimental support for Freedesktop environments.

Starting work on the UntitledImGuiFileBrowser

Nick started work on the UntitledImGuiFileBrowser, a general usage file browser for dear imgui.

This widget will be used as a base for develogin the UntitledFileManager, a cross-platform, featureful, file manager application.

Misc projects

UntitledFlipperZero 1.0

We wanted to create a to-do list application for the Flipper Zero, so we decided to write a C++ library on top of the C GUI API. The library is called UntitledFlipperZero. It is relatively thin abstraction layer that allows you to write complex user interfaces with up to 3x less LoC.

FlipperTasks 1.0

FlipperTasks is our first application for the Flipper Zero. You can download it from the Flipper Apps Catalogue, here.


New hardware

The organisation is now owns a MacBook, which will allow us to finally port all applications to macOS and other platforms.