Welcome to the February 2024 monthly newspaper


We've got our finances in order and are almost ready to incorporate 🥳


UntitledGameSystemManager 2.0

If you've been following the news related to LXD lately, you might have noticed that the ownership of LXD has shifted to Canonical from Linuxcontainers. Canonical also changed the licensing to the AGPLv3 and requires contributors to sign a CLA. Therefore, it's not ideal for us to continue using LXD.

Fortunately, this situation did not sit right with a lot of LXD users, so a fork of LXD was made by the Linuxcontainers developers called incus. Since its release it has become slimmer than the original LXD and also has more bug fixes and a somewhat cleaner API.

This prompted us to convert all of our existing architecture to incus, including our LXD game system containers. And because LXD and incus use different APIs, we also rewrote the LXD bindings into incus bindings and released a 2.0 version of the UntitledGameSystemManager.

For users of version v1.X.X.X, chech this update guide for version 2.

New and improved character editor for Youyin

Youyin uses character data, provided by hanzi-writer-data*, which itself uses the makemeahanzi project that contains SVGs, character decomposition and more in a single GitHub repository.

* Other data was gathered through other souces, mainly: hanzi-writer-data-jp, which uses AnimCJK for character data.

The data for makemeahanzi is generated through a GUI editor, however on our quest to generate handwriting data for all writing sysems we hit a roadblock: The editor doesn't have the ability to work well with simple shapes with a limited number of SVG points.

The good news is that Nick has been working on upgrades to the editor that will hopefully fix the remaining issues.

Once fixed, we will gradually generate almost all writing systems.

Modus Mio BG

Nothing much happened this February, but we did hit 150 followers 🥳