Welcome to the November 2023 edition of the MadLadSquad monthly newsletter.


Youyin 0.5

The 0.5 release of Youyin adds the following:

  1. Major bug-fixes to a lot of systems
  2. Removal of non-unique new character cards when creating/editing a phrase for better UI/UX
  3. Almost all functions are now documented using jsdoc
  4. New finish session and phrases transition displays
  5. New animations for buttons and more
  6. New extensive mode

Extensive mode

Extensive mode enables you to do an extensive review of all cards. This is for users, who may want to have longer sessions with more emphasis on learning new cards, while also reviewing old cards.

It works by reviewing your whole deck, then reviewing the deck again, but removing the cards with the highest knowledge level. This is repeated until you reach and complete the lowest knowledge level.

Modus Mio BG

In November we started working on more content types. For example, we started publishing weekly song ratings. Example:

Additionally, we started weekly votes for the top 5 songs from each album or EP from the previous week: