Welcome to the May 2023 monthly newsletter. This is the first issue of the Monthly newsletter series. We think this can make it easier for followers of the project to be informed with what changes every month.


While we didn’t have much activity in the games department in the last year, we have done some planning. Mainly, we’re planning to completely remake the UntitledVulkanGameEngine by forking the UntitledImGuiFramework. This would allow us to keep a mostly unified backend so that changes in the framework make their way to the game engine. This will break current API, but will not be a major breakage.

When starting development on the framework, we actually forked the game engine and made modifications to the API to make it smaller, more minimal, have better naming, documentation and more. The same familiar API structure is still there though, which means that switching to the new version of the game engine should be pretty straight forward, excluding some changes in systems like the Input interface.

We still don’t have a roadmap for this fork, but we will keep you updated.


Preparing for UntitledImGuiFramework

For at least 2 months, we have been preparing for the first release of the UntitledImGuiFramework. These are the current tasks for

Please note, that will not release this month. Though most features listed above will be completed this month, expect the actual release somewhere in June or July at the earliest.


We will continue our work on the release of the UntitledLinuxGameManager. This currently includes the following features:

We’re working on getting ready for the middle of July.


In the multilingual department, May, will be a really active month. Here is all we’re working on: - [x] UntitledIBusHandwriting release - A handwriting input method for IBus - [ ] Cooperation with the i18n subproject on the custom i18n
library for the framework - [ ] Finishing the UntitledTemplatingEngine - [ ] Rewriting the UVKBuildTool to use the new UntitledTemplatingEngine - [ ] Creating a static site component system for Youyin using the templating engine - [ ] Figuring out how to add more character data to Youyin - [ ] Helping the Funtoo Linux multilingual and CJK teams with the following features: - [x] Autogennning the Adobe SourcePro and Google Noto fonts, FL-10383 - [x] Add a new i18n-kit and move existing multilingual applications to the new kit, FL-10436 - [x] Various improvements to Youyin, including codebase improvements, multiphrase support pinyin input when creating cards and more


The UntitledIBusHandwriting application is a handwriting IM for IBus, similar to ibus-handwrite, but using the hanzi-lookup library and data provided by hanzi-writer-data-youyin. It currently looks like this: