Welcome to the December 2023 edition of the MadLadSquad montly newsletter.


Youyin 0.6 and 0.7

We plan to release parts Youyin 0.6 and 0.7 by the end of the month. They contain the following features:

  1. Romaji IMEs for Japanese - 0.6
  2. Daily streaks - 0.6
  3. Timed knowledge level drop - 0.6
  4. Meaning quizes for characters or phrases
  5. HSK 1-5 decks
  6. JLPT 1-4 decks
  7. Fixed all broken Hiragana characters - 0.6
  8. Pronounciation tests for Hiragana, Katakana, Pinyin, Jyutping & Zhuyin

Modus Mio BG

Celebrating 100 followers

On the 10th of December we managed to climb to 100 followers on Instagram. 12 days later, we're at 116 so as you can see, we're growing by about a follower a day, which is a good growth direction.

New content

In December we released a vote on the album/EP of the month. Additionally, we now allow for artists to add us as collaborators if they want to advertise on the page.

Additionally, we started voting songs using Instagram Music, instead of just sharing a spotify card. We also developed some art for song votes:

Finally, we're developing new content strategy for Instagram Reels, which will be deployed by the beginning of January.

MadLadSquad update

It's rare that we actually announce an organisational update, but here we go.

New hardware

We got some new hardware at MadLadSquad: Stanislav Vasilev(Madman10K) bought a 3D printer.

We will use this to develop some new business ventures, that will hopefully generate us some good revenue.


In 2024, we're planning to finally incorporate MadLadSquad as a for-profit LLC, registered in Bulgaria(part of the EEA). We're planning to start this process somewhere in June or July.