Welcome to the August 2023 monthly newsletter.


UntitledImGuiFramework and

By the 15th of August, we should get both releases live. They include:

  1. Full notifications module, powered by UntitledNotify
  2. System-wide font fetching, powered by UntitledFontUtils

UntitledImGuiFramework and

These 2 releases were released on the 30th of August and contain major bug fixes in downstream libraries and the internals of the framework, as well as Win32 integration for the platform functions part of the Window interface API.


The release adds additional bug fixes, as well as the UntitledImGuiTheme library to provide user theming support.


The release of the UntitledImGuiTheme library will be released on the 31st of August. The library provides functionality to load and save dear imgui themes using a YAML format. It also ships a theme editor widget.

Multilingual project

Current task progress for August:


The following features will be included in the new Youyin release:

  1. Youyin phrases - The ability to learn words
  2. Youyin custom characters - Research on how to add new characters to Youyin

Release will release by the end of the month.


Release will feature Youyin being rewritten in the new UVKBuildTool web mode.

UntitledTemplatingEngine 1.0

This month, we also released version 1.0 of the UntitledTemplatingEngine.

Full rewrite of the MadLadSquad website

You might have noticed the new look of the website now. Previously, it used the default GitHub pages theme. Now it looks like this: